The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are finally official and will be in our hands in fewer than two weeks. But, now that we’ve already had a brief peek at what Apple has to offer this year, artists are starting to dream up what might come next. Case in point: a new iPhone 7 concept video from SCAVidsHD.

The artist seems to imagine a few drastic changes for Apple, including the elimination of the home button entirely, instead replaced with Android-like buttons along the bottom of the phone. The mostly metal design is still intact, thankfully. However, the Lightning port has been swapped for a USB-C port, and the rear camera is centered.

SCAVidsHD imagines a 2K display, wireless charging with an Apple-branded charging puck, a front-facing speaker at the top-center of the phone, an 8MP front-facing camera and more.

Some of it seems plausible, other aspects, like the Android-looking UI, certainly won’t happen. But the videos are well done, and provide a fun look at a unique concept that Apple will never build.