Leaked pictures suggest this year’s iPhone will look pretty similar—if not identical—to the iPhone 6. That means rounded edges, thin body, with an even stronger aluminum frame. But what about the next iteration of Apple’s handset? Designers Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac dreamed up a new concept that combines all of Apple’s designs into one Franken-iPhone.

If you took an iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, and blended the three together, you’d get Marić’s iPhone 7 concept. To me, it looks more like a dream iPhone 4 concept, using the front and back glass design and flat aluminum edges. Given how fragile a device with double-sided glass can be, I’m not so sure Apple would move away from an aluminum design, especially since it’s so identifiable as an Apple preference, but we’re not here to dissect the merits of Marić’s concept. Let’s just admire one man’s work.

Other features imagined by Rastovac and Marić include a new Apple Dock for wireless charging and wireless transfers, an A10 processor, a 16-megapixel camera, a Quad HD Retina display and “2.5D sapphire glass.”

Apple tends to keep a design around for a few years before introducing something completely new. That means the iPhone 7 should theoretically look different from the iPhone in your hand. But how many more ways is there to design an iPhone?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple stick closely to the iPhone 6 design for a few more years, and focus its attention on upgrading the phone’s guts. Stuff like wireless charging, a fingerprint reader built-in to the display, and more. There’s no telling what the iPhone 7 will be, especially since the iPhone 6s hasn’t even been released. But you can bet Apple already has grand plans for next year’s release.

Will it look like Marić’s concept? Let us know what you think.