Rumor has it the iPhone 7 will come with two cameras on the back . We’ve seen a few companies try this before with mixed results, but Apple may have come up with an awesome reason to include that extra lens. This new video from MacRumors has us convinced the iPhone 7’s dual camera array will be worth it.

The concept is actually based on an Apple patent published earlier this year. The filing detailed how a pair of rear cameras could make it possible to record two videos or photos at once, using one regular lens and one with special optical zoom capabilities. That means you could be filming a video and then quickly zoom in without losing the original frame or sacrificing on quality. Once the video or photo is done, both versions would be linked together in your iPhone’s camera roll.

There are plenty of situations where this could come in handy. For example, if you’re filming a friend’s performance you could capture the entire stage while also zooming in on that specific person. At a sports event, you could focus on a specific player in slow motion while still recording the rest of the event at the same time.

Apple still hasn’t confirmed any plans to add an extra camera with the iPhone 7, but after seeing this video we really hope the rumors are true.