The iPhone likely won’t get a real redesign until late 2016 when the iPhone 7 is unveiled, but it’s never too soon to imagine what Apple’s future iPhone may look like. A new concept design from SCAVIDS introduces some cool ideas along with one very weird suggestion for the Cupertino company.

First the weird part. This concept has the iPhone 7 running Android instead of the company’s own iOS software. It’s a silly thought, but we can’t blame the artist to imagining whatever he or she wants. There’s zero chance it will ever happen.

Moving on, the iPhone 7 concept design imagines a sleeker smartphone with a subtle curved back (similar to the Moto X) and an edge-to-edge screen. Apple’s classic chamfered edges are also back, though this design looks thinner than ever. SCAVIDS also throws in an 8-megapixel rear camera and a notification light built into the upgraded Home button. Finally, the color options—blue, red and yellow—seem a bit off.

We like the look of this smartphone, and it’s important to remember it’s just a concept dreamed up by artists. It is absolutely not a representation of what Apple is planning or might offer in the iPhone 7.