What if Apple decided to merge some of the features offered in the Apple Watch with a future iPhone? That’s what ConceptsiPhone recently envisioned in a new video, and we have to admit it looks pretty fascinating.

The concept looks similar to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, but thinner. It imagines what the phone would look like with a digital crown at the top right-hand side of the phone, integrated Touch ID and gesture support.

The digital crown would be home to Touch ID in this instance, alleviating any need for a large chin at the bottom of the phone for the home button. The bottom of the phone would be home to three sensors that could be interacted with through gestures to execute commands, the video suggests. The artist also dreams up a sharp 2560 x 1440-pixel display, which Apple competitors such as Samsung and LG are already rolling out.

A crown is a perfect fit on a smartwatch, since that mechanism has existed on standard watches for, presumably, hundreds of years. We’re not so sure it’s a perfect fit on a smartphone, but we would love to see Apple add gesture support and a Quad HD display.

As usual, this is a concept and isn’t something that’s official from Apple, but it’s a pretty neat look at one artist’s imagination of what the iPhone 7 could include.