Samsung gets a lot of flak for copying Apple, but what if it was the other way around? A new concept design for the iPhone 7 takes some clear inspiration from the Galaxy S6 Edge, and the results are pretty awesome.

Created by Hasan Kaymak, these renders imagine an iPhone 7 Edge with no side bezels. Notifications even show up scrolling along the side of the device, though it still looks like one big display. The screen also doesn’t slope down quite as drastically as it does on the Galaxy S6 Edge.

This iPhone 7 design features a unibody aluminum frame with a few small design tweaks. The antenna bands on the back of the device look more like the iPhone 5s than the iPhone 6. The speakers also get tweaked to allow for an even thinner form.

Overall it’s actually a pretty reasonable design for the iPhone 7, especially compared to some of the more far out concepts we’ve already seen. We’d love if Apple could slim down its bezels, at least a bit, though that probably won’t happen this year with the iPhone 6s. Maybe by late 2016 the company can figure out how to offer a bigger display without increasing the device’s total size.

In the meantime, you can watch the full concept video below.