The iPhone 7 is expected to launch with a fresh design later this year, but it probably won’t look anything like this. A new concept design from Sonitdac imagines a pretty insane version of the upcoming smartphone with an expanding widescreen display.

At the start of the video this iPhone 7 actually looks pretty normal. The basic curvy design is the same, though the display now bends slightly around the left and right sides of the device. However, at the press of a button the screen suddenly expands to offer a new widescreen view.

It’s a pretty awesome idea, though we really don’t think this is where Apple is headed. The back of the device also includes plenty of exposed gears and components, which doesn’t really mesh with Cupertino’s closed system aesthetic. Finally, the entire thing looks pretty flimsy.

Rumor has it Apple will eventually make the switch to a flexible display like the one included in this concept, but that probably won’t happen until at least 2018. In the meantime the company will probably make a few more minor visual changes while upgrading the internal hardware. Still, it’s fun to imagine how crazy the iPhone 7 could possibly be.