The iPhone 6s starts with just 16GB of storage which, in my opinion, is laughable at this point. I know that plenty of folks, our parents, probably, are still snatching up those entry-level iPhones, but that’s not enough storage for folks who want a lot of games, music and other media stored on the device. Apple may finally ditch that 16GB model with the iPhone 7.

According to 9to5Mac, which cited an IHS Technology analyst named Kevin Wang, Apple is planning to scrap the 16GB iPhone 7 in favor of a 32GB entry-level option. This makes sense. Most smartphones now offer 32GB of storage on the low-end and, for whatever reason, Apple doesn’t offer it with the iPhone 6s. Instead, it sells the phone with either 16GB, 64GB or 128GB of storage. Rumor has it Apple may launch a new 256GB model, allowing it to possibly sneak in a 32GB flavor at the bottom of the chain, a move I think should have happened at least a year ago. The analyst added that the iPhone 7 will also pack 2GB of RAM.

This is good news for consumers, who should be getting much more than 16GB of storage in a modern smartphone.