With production of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus reportedly starting, the parts that are beginning to make their way to both new smartphones are becoming more abundant. And with abundance comes leaks. The latest is a video that shows us a comparison between the new screen allegedly heading to the iPhone 6s with Force Touch, and the display that’s currently used in the iPhone 6.

MacManiack published a video showing the new part recently, and right away we see what appears to be the Force Touch module, right at the top left. It looks identical to the Force Touch sensor we saw in leaked photos just last week. The video also shows a few other tweaks, like a new straight Touch ID cable, and new positioning of the flex connectors at the top of the panel. Finally, we see that the camera is in the same place and that the display is just as thin as it was last year.

This all, again, points to an iPhone 6s that will look like last year’s model but with some enhancements, especially with new features such as Force Touch. Take a closer look in the video above, or by browsing the gallery below.