Out comes a new iPhone, and with it some fresh controversy. It happens every year.

Last year, folks complained that the aluminum used for Apple’s new flagships was a tad delicate, and even bent when put under significant pressure. That lea to the #bendgate phenomenon, which struck fear into iPhone users everywhere.

Was it overblown? Yes. Does metal bend when enough pressure is applied? Of course. But that didn’t stop the angry mobs from decrying Apple’s ostensible emphasis on design over function, one that sacrificed durability for aesthetics. This year, Apple is allegedly making a few tweaks to ensure there’s no such controversy when the new devices are released (probably in September).

We’ve heard rumors before claiming Apple is going to use 7000 series aluminum this time around, which is the same found in the Apple Watch Sport. If so, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus could be up to 60-percent stronger than current iPhones, ensuring no additional case is necessary to protect Apple’s shiny new wares.

To put this theory to the test, Lew over at Unbox Therapy got his hands on an iPhone 6s shell, and found some notable differences in the new design. Compared to the existing iPhone 6 shell, the two are almost indistinguishable, both in size and layout. But upon closer inspection, Lew notes that Apple has reinforced the iPhone 6s shell in some key stress areas, including where the volume buttons sit.

Unbox doesn’t try to bend the new iPhone 6s shell on camera—he’s going to do that in a later video—but the evidence does clearly show Apple has made some enhancements to ensure this year’s launch isn’t hit with any bendgate problems. Even still, you can bet we’ll see plenty of YouTube videos putting that stronger design to the test, because the people need to know if metal bends.

When bendgate came to a fever pitch last year, Apple said it encountered very few complaints from users. But based on the evidence presented by Unbox, it sure looks like the Cupertino company is taking that controversy very seriously.