Apple iPhone 6-2

Rumor has it Apple will use a tougher metal alloy in the iPhone 6s to avoid another BendGate fiasco. Now, a new report from typically reliable tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims to confirm those upgrades along with a few new details.

Kuo notes that Apple will indeed adopt a 7000 series aluminum/zinc alloy for the iPhone 6s (and presumably the iPhone 6s Plus as well), though the device may be slightly bigger as a result of that change and the addition of Force Touch. Specifically, it could be 0.2mm thicker than its predecessor and 0.15mm taller. Otherwise we’re still expecting a very similar design.

Apple typically seems bent (pardon the pun) on making each new device thinner than the one before it. Then again, it may be worth adding just a tiny bit a bulk if it means avoiding another PR nightmare caused by BendGate.

Previous leaks reports from Kuo suggest that Apple has some big plans for upgrading its smartphone lineup in 2015. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus could offer Force Touch controls, an upgraded 12-megapixel rear camera, extra RAM, a new processor and a higher resolution display. The Cupertino company may also introduce a high-end Rose Gold option to match the Apple Watch Edition.

Apple isn’t expected to announce the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus until later this year, likely in September when the news usually arrives. That means the company probably still has some time to finalize the new devices, so for now we’d still treat all these rumors with a healthy dose of salt.