Apple will almost certainly unveil the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus next month, during a still unannounced press event. So far, we're expecting improvements such as Force Touch, a faster A9 processor and more, but what about other features that might be available? 9to5Mac shed some light on the user interface on Thursday.

The news outlet said Apple is working to add new animated wallpapers into the user interface in iOS 9 for the iPhone 6s and, presumably, the iPhone 6s Plus. The wallpapers are said to be more fluid, like those on the Apple Watch, as opposed to the "dynamic" wallpapers currently offered, which aren't as "alive" feeling.

Animated wallpapers aren't new — they're available on current iPhones and, perhaps more widely, on Android devices. They're compelling in that they make a device feel more "alive" but often consume more battery life than they're worth.

9to5Mac said the new wallpapers include fish in a koi pond and animated smoke, and that the fish wallpaper now makes the iPhone 6 Plus box that was published earlier, which featured a fish, more legitimate. The site also warned it's possible Apple will still ditch this feature.