Apple iPhone 6-4

Apple's new iPhones are expected to be its first with Force Touch displays, and they're going to be even more advanced than the Force Touch displays and trackpads we've already seen in Apple Watch and the latest MacBook lineup.

According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will employ a next-generation Force Touch technology believed to be called "Touch 3D," which has the ability to distinguish between not just two but three different types of pressure.

In addition to taps and presses like those detected by Apple Watch, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will also accept deeper presses, sources claim — hence the name 3D Touch, which is said to derive from the technology's ability to sense three dimensions of pressure.

It's thought there will be a number of new gestures baked into iOS 9 that take advantage of this technology, such as the ability to press on points of interest in Apple Maps to immediately begin turn-by-turn navigation from your current location.

Pressing a song in the Music app will present users with "some of the most commonly used actions," adds 9to5Mac, while pressing a link in Safari provides a preview of the webpage, and pressing an address shows a preview of it on a map.

One of the most interesting gestures lets you press on home screen icons to access shortcuts to common features. For instance, pressing on the Phone app might provide a shortcut to voicemail, while pressing the Mail icon might give you a shortcut to compose a new email.

"The updated Force Touch screen is also set to make its way to the iPad Pro," the reports adds, "where it will be leveraged by a non-traditional-looking stylus accessory." There's no word on whether it will be available on the new iPad mini 4, however.

We should find out more about 3D Touch an Apple's next-generation iPhones on Wednesday, September 9, at the company's big keynote in San Francisco.