Apple iPhone 6-4

Apple rumors don't stop, and today there's a fresh one that discusses what we might be able to expect from the iPhone 6s later this year. Today's rumors sound a bit outlandish, but not out of the question.

According to Money.UDN, the iPhone 6s will pack new camera features, including a dual-lens camera with a built-in optical zoom function. Optical zoom allows you to take clearer shots when zooming in on a subject, as opposed to software-enabled zoom which often leaves the subject looking blurry or grainy. Storage options may also change.

UDN cites supply chain sources who suggest Apple will continue to offer the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes, but will bump the entry-level iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s  Plus storage to 32GB instead of 16GB. There's also reportedly some new display technology at work.

Another supply chain "legend" discussed by UDN suggests that the iPhone 6s will employ "two pressure sensors" one of which will have a role in health monitoring functions, offering more accurate ways to track a user's heart rate and blood pressure. The site also lists a "3D pressure sensor" that may be built into the touch panel for an additional Z axis. To us, that suggests possible 3D user-interface interactions, though UDN instead points to 3D imaging technologies that might take advantage of the pressure sensor.

One of those rumors lines up with a patent Apple received in April of last year, which discussed presssure-sensitive touchscreen technology that allows the display to distinguish between soft taps and stronger, more forceful inputs; that technology is also making its way into the Apple Watch.

Wacky? Maybe a bit, and the supply chain is often filled with outlandish rumors but, again, none of this seems completely out of the question. Whether these rumors come to fruition or not… well, we won't know until closer to September 2015.