What’s more exciting? A new iPhone or a visit from the Pope? If you picked the iPhone and live in NYC or Philadelphia, we may have some bad news.

An update to the United Parcel Service (UPS) website spotted by MacRumors notes that there will be no deliveries or pickups in certain areas of those cities during Pope Francis’ visit. His trip also happens to overlap with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus release date, which is set for September 25.

Specifically, New Yorkers living in the following ZIP codes will be out of luck on September 24 and 25: 10001, 10007, 10017, 10021, 10022, 10023 and 10029. That only affects Manhattan, but covers a good portion of the city including popular neighborhoods like Midtown, Tribeca, the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Chelsea and East Harlem.

In Philadelphia, UPS is shutting down from September 25 to 26 in even more ZIP codes, including 19102, 19103, 19104, 19106, 19107, 19109, 19123, 19130, 19146 and 19147. That’s a good chunk of the city, though it’s mostly focused in the center.

Of course, Apple also relies on FedEx and a few other delivery services, so you may not be out of luck even if the UPS is shut down in your neighborhood. At the worst, you’ll have to wait an extra day or two for your new iPhone, which isn’t really the end of the world. Right?