With the iPhone 6s expected to make its debut next month, the annual onslaught of leaked images is in full swing.

Each year Apple says it takes security of its new phones seriously, and then we see what feels like an endless parade of leaked images of various parts and prototypes. This weekend we’re being treated to two new batches. The first grouping comes from M.I.C. Gadget and appears to show an assembled iPhone 6s prototype (pictured above). It’s difficult to tell if these are indeed authentic mainly because, as expected, there is no real change from the iPhone 6. The source of the photos does claim, however, that the device measures 7.1mm thick compared to the 6.9mm thickness of last year’s model.

If there is a prototype out there, we’re sure more images will show up in the not too distant future.

The second set of images (in the gallery below) come from Chinese repair company GeekBar and show what is claimed to be the display assembly of the iPhone 6s. While there isn’t too much to confirm that these are indeed from the iPhone 6s, the assembly of the unit does appear to differ slightly from the iPhone 6.

As it currently stands we expect to see the introduction of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus sometime in early Sept., keeping with the company’s annualized refresh of its flagship device. Rumors have been circulating that the iPhone 6s is indeed thicker, possibly to accommodate making the camera module flush with the back of the device as opposed to having it protrude like it did on the iPhone 6. The biggest rumor going around is that Apple will be adding Force Touch to the iPhones this year akin to the technology it used in its Apple Watch. This will allow you different controls of the phone depending on the amount of force you apply while touching the display.

Apple has not yet announced when we will see its new phones, but the general assumption is it will be within the first two weeks of Sept. as has been the norm for the past several years. And judging by the number of leaked images showing up (more below) we don’t see any reason to doubt that.