Apple’s iPhone launches on Friday and, now that almost all models of the phone are already spoken for by eager customers, some of the early sales numbers are starting to trickle out from its carrier partners. T-Mobile CEO John Legere recently offered a quick snapshot how sales compare to last year.

Legere said on Twitter that T-Mobile customers are “pumped to get the new iPhone 6s” and that preorders are up more than 30 percent from last year. This is a tricky number to dissect, because it could suggest the growing popularity of T-Mobile has increased orders — the carrier is now number three in the United States ahead of Sprint — or it could suggest that the new iPhones are that much more popular. Legere would have us think it’s the former, and that seems to make sense given T-Mobile’s compelling iPhone 6s deals.


We also know, however, that Apple is already impressed by early iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus sales. The company said earlier this month that the iPhone 6s is already on pace to beat last year’s sales record and that customer response has been “extremely positive.”