MacRumors on Tuesday posted a series of photos purporting to show off internal parts intended for Apple’s new iPhone. We’ve seen plenty of leaks already, including a video testing the durability of a supposed iPhone 6s shell, and today’s images appear to confirm the changes happening inside of Apple’s much-anticipated upgrade. They also show the phone hitting its boot sequence, but moving no further.

According to MacRumors, the photos you see below are of the iPhone 6s’s logic board, which reveals some important details about the device’s main components. One of the big changes is the inclusion of Qualcomm’s MDM9635M LTE baseband modem, which supports faster LTE with increased power efficiency; the photo above also shows the iPhone 6s will come equipped with Qualcomm’s WTR3925 radio frequency transceiver chip for enhanced cellular performance.

As for the upgraded A9 chip, the photos MacRumors received don’t confirm that’s the processor we’ll see inside Apple’s next device, though it does appear whatever is being housed inside the phone is larger than the A8 chip. Chances are the A9 stamp just wasn’t applied on whatever pre-production unit MacRumors’s source took pictures of, but we’ll have to wait for confirmation from Apple before we say whether or not the iPhone 6s will sport an A9 processor.

Finally, MacRumors also provided a video (above) of a device slapped together using what are supposedly iPhone 6s parts, though the Franken-phone still lacks some key components. For that matter, it’s difficult to tell if Force Touch is included, but judging by the way the display’s shielding has been attached—glued rather than screwed—there are obvious differences.

We’re expecting Apple to hold an event on September 9, and release the upgrade models a few weeks later. In addition to Force Touch, we’re expecting that faster A9 processor, upgraded RAM and a larger megapixel camera.