Last month, a video from Unbox Therapy confirmed that the iPhone 6s would feature a considerably tougher shell than its predecessor. Now that the devices are officially available, the first bend test with Apple’s new phablet seems to confirm those claims.

The new video comes from Australian YouTube channel FoneFox. It’s not very scientific, but does seem to show how much pressure it takes to bend the iPhone 6s Plus. The new device and its 7000 series aluminum proves too tough for one person, though two people combined are able to do some permanent damage to the new phone.

That’s a big step up from last year’s iPhone 6 Plus, which bent pretty easily if you started to apply pressure. Hopefully this means the new handset won’t bend in your back pocket either.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are both available today. Beyond a tougher frame, the new devices also include an upgraded camera, a new 3D touch display, and a faster processor matched with 2GB of RAM. There’s also that new Rose Gold color option along with the usual gold, silver and space gray versions.

We’ll have plenty more coverage of both devices once we get our own hands on them. For now, check out the video above and take a closer look in the gallery below.