Apple is expected to announce at least two new iPhones next month, and you might assume the devices would improve on last year’s lineup. However, a new report suggests the rumored iPhone 6s Plus could actually be a downgrade from the iPhone 6 Plus in one key department: battery size.

According to cnBeta, the iPhone 6s Plus will pack a 2750mAh battery. That’s a pretty big step down from the 2915mAh battery in the current model, suggesting battery life could drop as well. Of course, it’s possible Apple could find a way to optimize that smaller power pack to squeeze out a few extra hours, especially if the A9 chip is more power efficient.

The same report also includes a picture of what looks like an unfolded box for the iPhone 6s Plus. The design seems pretty standard, and the “s” is even placed inside a small square like with previous “s” model iPhones. The image of a fish as the wallpaper of the device pictured on the box is a bit odd though, and MacRumors points out that we haven’t seen it in any recent betas for iOS 9. The paper used for this box also seems a bit thinner that what Apple normally uses.

For now we’d treat this image, along with any leaked specs, with a heavy dose of salt. Speculation will only pick up as Apple’s new iPhones get closer to launch, though at this point we may be fewer than two weeks away from the official reveal.