We already found out that the iPhone 6s will have a smaller battery, and now we’re back with some bad news for iPhone 6s Plus fans. It turns out that device also has a smaller battery, at least according to AppleClub, which recently got its hands on a new iPhone 6s Plus battery pack.

The site shows a 2750mAh battery, smaller than the 2915mAh battery in the current iPhone 6 Plus. As we learned when the smaller battery for the iPhone 6s was revealed, it’s likely this sacrifice was made in an effort to add in the extra components required for 3D Touch functionality. Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean worse battery life.


After all, iOS 9 was built to provide at least an extra hour of battery life, according to Apple, and we hope that the new A9 processor is more efficient than last year’s A8 chip. Combined, the new chip and operating system may give us similar battery life to last year. It’s just that a larger battery could be capable of adding even more juice.

We’ll find out how much of a change this makes as we begin testing the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus this Friday.