The name is a bit of a tongue twister, but understanding what the iPhone 6s Plus offers is simple: you get a stronger body (7000 series aluminum), an improved camera, and 3D Touch, which promises to redefine mobile apps. That’s pretty much the quick summary of Apple’s monster iPhone, which still has the same 5.5-inch screen, Touch ID, and more. And, oh yeah, there’s a new rose gold color for those who grew bored with space grey, silver and gold.

What most people will pay attention to is the new 3D Touch technology, which is capable of discerning between a light tap and a hard press. This new feature will allows users to Peek and Pop into apps and other functions; Peek at an address in Maps, or quickly look at a photo on Instagram. Or you Pop into an app and quickly take care of business.

Apple also introduced a feature known as quick actions, which allows users to tap on an app icon and perform a task. You can tap on the Message icon, for example, and a menu will pop up so you can easily text your favorite contacts. Same goes for the Phone app. These kind of features are integrated all throughout iOS 9, and Apple says developers will have full control over how they integrate the new tech.

We’ll have much deeper thoughts about 3D Touch once we get more hands on with the feature. For now, you can check out our quick hands on of Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus in the video above.