We’ve started to hear a bit more about the iPhone 6s that Apple will presumably introduce to the world this September. Leaked photos have suggested Apple won’t change much of the industrial design found on the current iPhone 6 but that the new devices may be thicker. On Wednesday, Dow Jones provided additional details and reiterated some earlier rumors.

The news organization said Apple has asked its “suppliers to make a record 85M-90M new iPhones by Dec. 31.” We had heard reports that Apple was starting production but not that it planned to order a record number of devices. Dow Jones echoed earlier rumors that suggested Apple will employ Force Touch on its new iPhones, a technology that’s also used on the MacBook, the MacBook Pro with Retina (2015) and on the Apple Watch.

Finally, Dow Jones also said “1 new color for casing” is planned, which aligns with rumors that suggest Apple will sell a pink model in September. You can see what that color looks like in the gallery above.

It looks as though it will be a big year for Apple and the iPhone.