The iPhone 6s probably won’t arrive until late 2015, but it’s never too soon for some leaked photos of Apple’s next smartphone. A trio of images sent to 9to5Mac claim to reveal the iPhone 6s in Rose Gold with an upgraded camera setup.

At this point in the year it’s likely we’re looking at a fake, though it’s certainly possible Apple is already testing out some new designs. The iPhone 6s model pictured above also lines up with a recent report from KGI claiming the device would be available in rose gold.

Moving on, we’re not really sure what to think of that dual rear camera setup. It’s not totally impossible, but it also seems pretty unlikely Apple will stick a second lens on the back of the iPhone 6s. If anything, we’re guessing the company will simply up its megapixel count.

KGI’s note also claimed the iPhone 6s would offer a Force Touch display, an extra microphone, 2GB of RAM, gesture controls and improved Touch ID. The larger iPhone 6s Plus may even feature a sapphire cover display in limited supply.

It’s way too soon to know anything for sure though, and Apple is still likely working out the final details of the iPhone 6s. That doesn’t mean these leaked photos aren’t real, but even if they are the final design could change many times before it’s officially unveiled later this year.