We’ve already heard a few rumors suggesting the iPhone 6s could offer a slightly thicker frame than its predecessor. Now a new leak may have confirmed those claims with a look at leaked schematics for the upcoming Apple smartphone.

Specifically, the images suggest the iPhone 6s could be come in at 138mm x 67mm x 7.1 mm. That means the new model would be exactly as tall and wide as the iPhone 6 (dimensions: 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm), but just 0.2mm thicker.

It’s still unclear why Apple would bulk up the iPhone 6s, though there are a few possible reasons. The new handset is expected to add Force Touch capabilities, which means new components need to be packed into the slim design. The phone’s rumored 12-megapixel camera could also require a bit more space, or the company may simply want to include a larger battery this year. Whatever the explanation, those extra 0.2mm should mean a helpful improvement to the device without any noticeable extra weight.

Other possible updates to the iPhone 6s that won’t change its shape include a new processor, additional RAM and a Rose Gold/Pink color option. We’ve also heard rumors that Apple could use a new extra durable type of aluminum in an effort to avoid any more complaints of bending.