Apple began accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus just over a week ago, which means that come Friday, September 25, the devices will begin arriving on doorsteps for folks who ordered them early. Also, anyone who decided to make an in-store reservation will be able to pick them up. On Monday, Apple confirmed that devices will be available for walk-in customers, too.

This goes against the company’s recent changes to stop folks from lining up outside of its stores, though hopefully the early reservations will help cut the lines down. Additionally, Apple’s online store mostly shows only 16GB iPhone 6s models in stock for reservation, which suggests that, while walk-in customers may be able to get an iPhone, they also may be limited to the lowest capacity available. We don’t recommend you buy the new iPhones with just 16GB of storage.

It might be worth a shot walking into an Apple Store on Friday, though, especially if you live near one without a lot of foot traffic.

Update: There’s some fine print you should know about. According to MacRumors, walk-ins won’t be available in China, Hong Kong or Japan. In the U.S., walk-ins won’t be an option in Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire or Oregon, due to the lack of a sales tax in those states and a fear of scalpers.