We just saw a huge batch of images that purportedly portray the iPhone 6s body earlier this week, and now there’s a fresh leak that shows us some of the components that might ship inside. And those components tell a very interesting story.

The images, obtained by 9to5Mac provide us with a closer look at some of the chips Apple will reportedly use in the iPhone 6s That includes a brand new NFC chip, which 9to5Mac said will likely replace the current one, which was actually built back in 2012. It’s unclear what the new benefits will be but the news outlet suggests we’ll see some sort of added security; it’s also plausible this one will work better than the last model, perhaps more accurately.

There’s some bad news, too. It appears — and 9t5oMac warns that it’s far too early for this to be definite — that Apple will continue to ship a 16GB iPhone. We’d argue that’s really not enough storage space and would love to see Apple boost the base model, while still offering it at the same price, to 32GB of storage. Apple seems to think 16GB is good enough, however, and it does push folks toward iCloud for additional space.

Finally, 9to5Mac also published a couple of images, which we’ve included in the gallery above, that show schematics for case makers. They simply suggest that the iPhone 6s will look awfully similar, if not identical, to the current iPhone 6.