htc m9 duo camera

Apple and Samsung are reportedly committed to featuring dual rear cameras in future smartphones, a feature we’ve seen on other devices such as the One M8 (pictured above.) As the two companies scramble to secure the necessary modules, the entire industry may struggle to keep up with demand, a new report from ETNews explained on Thursday.

Apple first sparked rumors that it could pack an extra camera into its next iPhone earlier this year when it acquired LinX. The Israeli company developed camera modules featuring two or even four lenses. Meanwhile, Samsung’s new Exynos processors apparently support a similar dual-camera setup.

Stashing two cameras on the back of a device has a number of potential benefits. Apple and Samsung would have the tech required to offer the ability to play with the focus of a photo in post-editing, or they could attempt to replicate Google’s Project Tango tablet. Other possibilities include improved color precision, clearer images, augmented reality and face/body awareness.

It’s unclear if the new camera design will make it into next-generation devices like the iPhone 6s and Galaxy Note 5, though it sounds like both companies may be pretty far along in implementing the new technology.

We’ve already seen some pretty cool dual-camera applications, though nothing that’s really gone mainstream. HTC’s One M8 and its Duo Camera never really caught on, but perhaps Apple and Samsung can succeed where the smaller phone-maker fell short.