Earlier this month we learned that Apple might boost the iPhone 6s camera up to a 12-megapixels lens. Now a new report out of Japan bolsters those rumors while revealing that Sony will supply the new camera modules.

Sony already ships the cameras for Apple's current iPhones, so it makes sense that the two companies would team up again. The report suggests that Apple won't feature dual rear camera setup that surfaced recently, though that rumor seemed pretty far fetched. Additionally, the new lens could include an RGBW sensor, for better low light photos, and a faster focus.

Finally, the report backs up recent rumors that the iPhone 6s will pack 2GB of RAM and at least 32GB of storage. Apple seems pretty content with its current RAM and storage options, though it's possible the company is finally ready to swap out some specs for the iPhone 6s, especially if iOS 9 requires additional horsepower.

The report also suggests that Apple actually wanted to include the 12-megapixel sensor in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but that it has spent more than a year testing the upgrade. We'll know come September, when Apple is likely to introduce its new iPhones, whether this rumor is true or not.