Apple’s new flagship handsets come with an upgraded iSight camera, which is now at 12-megapixels. The sensor is 50 percent larger than the previous models, while autofocus has been improved, according to Apple. The company said its engineers really focused on maintaining the level of detail we’ve come to expect from Apple devices; Apple said that as you add more pixels, image quality actually degrades. But now with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple explained its team of engineers worked to reduce something known as crosstalk and noise. There’s also something called “deep trench isolation” to separate the diodes and make them more accurate. Fancy complex talk, but it basically means quality should be phenomenal even though the sensor is becoming more complex. The company shared some examples on stage, and they looked impressive (though they were taken by professional photographers).

In addition to better image quality, Apple said the new 12-megapixel sensor is also capable of shooting 4K video, which will please videographers. Regular Joes probably won’t care about shooting video in such high resolution, but that option is there if you need it. Really, Apple needed to introduce the feature given its biggest competitors have already done so.

Additionally, Apple also said the front-facing camera has been updated for even better selfies. And, whoa, Apple says the new devices come with something known as Retina Flash, which turns the entire display into a flash.