Apple’s supply partners have reportedly started production on the new A9 chip that will power Apple’s next generation iPhones, including the rumored iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, ahead of the expected launch sometime in September.

DigiTimes said TSMC and Samsung were both tapped to produce the new A9 chips, but that TSMC is expected to begin “mass production” during the fourth quarter of this year. Samsung’s involvement is particularly noteworthy since it was not asked to build last year’s A8 processor, which was manufactured by TSMC. “TSMC will also manufacture fingerprint sensors and audio chips on a contract basis for the upcoming iPhone devices at its 12-inch fabs,” DigiTimes said. Apple apparently has high aspirations for the new phone, with goals to sell 80 million units this year.

Apple, of course, hasn’t confirmed that any development has started, though manufacturing usually kicks off a huge amount of leaks leading up to the launch, so expect plenty of information in the coming months.