Among the excitement of 3D Touch, iOS 9 and improved internals, one thing you can bet Apple will market when the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus hit is the upgraded camera. Specifically, how it can shoot 4K video. While most consumers are perfectly content to keep their home movies in 1080p, the option to shoot in 4K provides greater flexibility when editing in post, and the quality just looks downright beautiful. So how good does 4K video shot by the iPhone 6s look? The video above should give you a pretty good idea.

Shot by popular filmmaker Casey Neistat, the video is particularly helpful because it is recorded in real world conditions. Even Neistat himself acknowledges that camera tests are typically done in well-lit, perfectly steady situations, so shooting video as a normal consumer gives us the best possible footage to analyze. Neistat goes everywhere in New York City, his hometown, from the subways to the madness of Time Square, letting the iPhone 6S’ 4K quality speak for itself.

So far as I can tell, the footage looks pretty good, particularly in broad daylight. But when Neistat goes underground where lighting conditions aren’t ideal, footage looks wobbly and soft. Remember, the iPhone 6S doesn’t have optical image stabilization, and you can really see how that affects the quality, particularly when ample light isn’t present.

There are a few other caveats. First, Neistat added a lens attachment by Moment to get a wider view; when shooting with the stock iPhone 6S lens, your field of view is fairly narrow, so keep that in mind. Neistat also attached a third-party mic to the iPhone 6S, which is why the sound is so good. These aren’t things the average consumer will do, but when put in the hands of a filmmaker, you can get some pretty spectacular results.

Check out the video above to see the kind of 4K quality Apple’s new handset produces. Chances are you won’t be shooting in 4K when the device launches this Friday, especially if you go with the 16GB storage option. But at least you know what your footage could look like if you did.