The iPhone 6c may just be the biggest mobile mystery of 2015. On Tuesday a report suggested that the device would in fact launch this year. Now a new report argues that’s not the case, and offers some solid evidence to back up its claim. Talk about flip-flopping.

Mobile marketing firm Fiksu recently revealed that it’s been tracking two unannounced iPhones. The devices aren’t listed by name, but the fact that Apple is testing two new phones instead of three suggests the iPhone 6c won’t be launching any time soon. Specifically, Fiksu has tracked 87 copies of a device with the identifier “iphone8,1” (likely the iPhone 6s Plus) and 67 copies of the iphone8,2 (likely the iPhone 6s).

The report notes that most of these new iPhones are being used in the United States, though a few have popped up in Germany and Brazil. The devices seem to be doing everything you would expect, ranging from mobile games to popular apps. Unfortunately, there’s no way for Fiksu to spot any specific differences between these models and their predecessors.

Of course, this isn’t definitive proof that the iPhone 6c isn’t already being tested. It’s possible Fiksu simply hasn’t spotted the third new Apple smartphone. However, this isn’t the first time we heard the iPhone 6c has been pushed back to 2016, so you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up for now.