Last we heard the iPhone 6c wouldn’t arrive until 2016, but a new report suggests the 4-inch handset could launch before the end of the year. According to fresh rumors out of China, the upcoming plastic iPhone could be constricting supply of Sony’s popular camera sensors.

Apparently, Apple’s demand for Sony sensors is so great there may not be enough camera modules left for the rest of the industry. According to Chinese analysts, including Sun Changxu, chief analyst at Electronic System Design China, at least 50 percent of local handsets won’t get a camera module from the Japanese giant. As a result, other companies like Samsung, Toshiba and OmniVision are stepping up to offer alternatives.

The new report doesn’t call out Apple’s rumored iPhone 6c specifically, but a couple of Chinese analysts suggest the plastic phone could be the cause. If it is, then it suggests Apple is gearing up for a launch sooner than later. We’re guessing the alleged iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will pack Sony sensors as well, and that maybe the decision to launch three new phones this year is constricting supplies even more than usual. Either way, it sounds like Apple’s new 4-inch phone could pack a pretty nice camera, assuming it really does arrive in 2015.