Last week we were treated to an iPhone 7 concept design from Martin Hajek. Now we have another take on the upcoming Apple smartphone from the folks at SET Solution.

This time we’re looking at the long-rumored iPhone Air, and the concept design takes the form of an Apple-style keynote video introducing the device. The imagined smartphone is just 4.3mm thick with a 1080p display that measures just 4-inches across. Unlike the alleged 4-inch plastic iPhone 6c however, this model features a sleek metal design similar to the iPhone 6.

SET Solution also offers a few other possible specs, including a 13-megapixel camera, a 3200mAh battery and 32/64GB of storage. That seems like too big of a battery for this size phone, at least considering the thickness.

The design looks pretty nice, though like we said it’s not too different from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We can’t help but wonder how it would feel using such a thin phone. At just 4.3mm thick the iPhone Air could be shockingly light. Maybe even too light.

We’re not expecting anything like the device described to debut this year. Rumor has it Apple’s alleged iPhone 6c won’t arrive until 2016, so don’t expect a new 4-inch smartphone from Apple anytime soon.