Speculation surrounding the rumored iPhone 6 is already running rampant, and while it’s hard to know anything for sure at this point one popular theory is that Apple will swap the old iPhone’s Gorilla Glass display out for sapphire glass. Today, 9to5Mac pointed us to a video showing just how incredible a sapphire iPhone could be.

The video, which was posted to YouTube by Aero-Gear last year to highlight its sapphire protector case for the iPhone 5, shows the smartphone go up against a concrete brick and win. After scraping the device up and down it looks like the concrete has inflicted some pretty serious scratches, but a closer looks reveals that’s actually just flecks of concrete that are wiped off to reveal a still-pristine iPhone.

Of course, there’s no guarantee the iPhone 6 will feature a full sapphire display, but there’s more than just speculation supporting this particular rumor. Apple is reportedly rushing to start production at its sapphire plant in Arizona, and the company has also patented a new method for using the material as its smartphone screens. Hopefully Cupertino will be able to mass produce sapphire displays in time for the next iPhone launch.