We’re all expecting Apple to unveil at least one bigger iPhone later this year, and now even Samsung is responding to rumors of a super-sized iPhone 6. The company’s latest ad pokes fun at iPhone fans still waiting for a bigger device from Apple after years of alleged disappointment.

Mocking Apple and its fans is old hat for Samsung’s marketing team, but today the company appears to be going after a device that doesn’t even exist yet. The ad features an iPhone owner excited over news that the next Apple smartphone could offer a larger display, until his friend with a Galaxy S5 reminds him that big handsets are nothing new.

“You know that thing you’ve been waiting on for like two years, and how it’s supposed to be awesome and how it’s going to blow your mind?” the narrator asks. “Well it’s been here this whole time, but maybe you just like waiting.”

The message is pretty clear. Why sit around waiting for a bigger iPhone 6 when the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5 is available right now? The ad may be enough to convince a few people to jump ship for Android, but we’re guessing most Apple fans pining for a bigger device are already committed to waiting for the iPhone 6. Samsung has been offering bigger smartphones for year, so why abandon Apple when the big iPhone you’ve been waiting for is just a few months away? Here’s the clip: