We’ve seen more than our fair share of iPhone 6 parts, schematics and dummy models, but now we might finally be getting a look at the device that Apple will announce during its press conference tomorrow in California. Someone who appears to have received a fully working iPhone 6 recently posted a video and several photos to Chinese social network Weibo.

The 7 minute video compares the iPhone 6 and its larger 4.7-inch screen to the smaller iPhone 5s. Additionally, we get a look at the complete body, including the protruding camera ring that popped up in earlier leaks. In side-by-side comparisons, we also see how much thinner and more rounded the new iPhone 6 is compared to last year’s model. The speakers have changed slightly on the bottom, too, and no longer flank both sides of the Lightning port, but rather just one side. It also appears to be running a full version of iOS, as opposed to the fake iPhone 6 models that were simply running a version of Android. Additionally, the user shows off a working Touch ID button, which seems to add to its legitimacy.

The publisher of the video also added two screen shots of the Passbook icon, which has been redesigned to show a small area that suggests Apple will add a mobile wallet (the red credit card stripe logo at the top of the icon). That lines up with rumors that Apple will introduce a full-fledged mobile payment solution during its event tomorrow, too.

We can’t say this is the new iPhone 6 for certain, but it’s certainly convincing.