The iPhone 6 is expected to be a huge improvement over Apple’s current flagship phone, offering a significantly larger screen and a sharper display to rival some of the top Android devices on the market. Now a new report from VentureBeat appears to confirm a these rumors while adding a few claims of its own to the fire.

Citing an anonymous insider “close to the situation,” VentureBeat reports Apple will finally include NFC with the iPhone 6 as part of its plan to support mobile payments. It’s unclear whether Apple will adopt the ISIS standard or develop its own platform to compete with Google Wallet. The iPhone 6 could also include a faster LTE radio, increasing connection speeds from 150 mbps to 300 mbps.

The same source also claims Apple will finally embrace wireless charging with the iPhone 6, though it’s unclear which competing standard the company will adopt. The device will apparently support inductive charging, which suggests it could work with Qi charging pads already available on the market. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple offer its own high-end wireless charging stations, or even develop a unique charging standard to compete with both Qi and Rezence.

VentureBeat also confirms the “significantly larger screen” along with thinner bezels, though at this point the 4.7-inch iPhone feels like a given. Finally, the source notes that nothing will be definite until the Apple makes an official announcement. The company could pull NFC or wireless charging at a moment’s notice, though we really hope these two new features make it into the upcoming smartphone.