The problem with all of the iPhone 6 leaks we’ve seen so far is that, aside from the hardware that has been spilled out all over the place, the dummy units and models we’ve seen are based upon leaked schematics. That means that the people who are building the dummy units might have the dimensions correct, but they also don’t have the right materials or the manufacturing capabilities that Apple will have. That’s a problem.

Why? Because ultimately the dummy units probably depict a version of the iPhone 6 that’s much uglier than what Apple and design guru Jony Ive have been working on. Now, one designer has created 3D images of the iPhone 6 that might give us the best look yet, even better than the models that we have floating around our office. That’s because it they don’t show fake plastic, a camera module that looks like it was glued on by a kindergartner and a shoddy construction.

The images were created by Mark Pelin and provided by 9to5Mac, and you can see that the antenna design doesn’t look nearly as ugly as it has on the models. The whole phone looks much more complete and pure, even though at its core it’s built on the same schematics as the leaked models. What do you think of the design? For reference, here’s the model that we have in the office: