The iPhone 6 is just a few months away, but we’re still learning more about the rumored device every day. Now a new report from Chinese site Laoyaoba claims Apple has developed a haptic feedback motor to help distinguish its upcoming smartphone from the competition.

The news comes out of China, where local carriers are reportedly already testing official iPhone 6 prototypes. Apple is apparently set to introduce haptic feedback with the new smartphone, according to one anonymous insider. The technology uses a range of different vibrations to create a more realistic physical response when you touch the display. The vibration types can vary based on the app you’re using or even which part of the screen you’re touching.

The new motor needed to offer haptic feedback will apparently cost two or three times more than the motor used in the iPhone 5s, which go for roughly 60 cents each. Hopefully that won’t mean a more expensive iPhone 6, though it may just be one of many improvements that drive’s up the handset’s price.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of haptic feedback, but the technology still hasn’t made an appearance on any major mobile device. If Apple is able to include this new motor with the iPhone 6 it could be another big reason to consider the upcoming smartphone. Then again, we wouldn’t get our hopes up just yet. After all, nothing’s official until we hear it straight from Apple.