Reports out of China claim Apple is in the final phases of iPhone 6 manufacturing ahead of a mid-September release. Multiple reports have already suggested production is in full swing, and now the goal is to ensure the units coming off the factory line are up to the iPhone maker’s high standards. We’ve seen what these alleged final units might look like, so it does indeed appear Apple is in the home stretch.

Apple is expected to release two different iPhone 6 models this year, which could be using all new sapphire material and an all-aluminum design. With such a drastic re-imagining, Apple and its manufacturing partners are facing the daunting task of making sure enough units are built for the iPhone 6’s much-anticipated release. There have been some reports suggesting the company has run into a few production snags, but that’s likely par for the course before introducing a new device.

Apple will reportedly hold its iPhone 6 announcement on Sept. 9; the release will allegedly happen two weeks after than on Sept. 19. Many of the device’s internal details are still a mystery, though we have heard Touch ID will be improved, while the device could also sport more sensors for data collection purposes. Additionally, the camera is likely going to be improved, though it could feature an unsightly hump if these recent images are to be believed.

With a little over a month until launch, it’s no surprise to hear Apple is going through the final phases of quality assurance. With the changes coming to iOS 8, this is shaping up to be one of the company’s largest ever releases. It won’t be long until will see if the device is worth the wait.