Apple iPhone 5s-Front

Now that the iPhone 5s is on the market, it’s time for the iPhone 6 rumors to fly. According to a recent issue of Mac Fan magazine, Apple is aiming to launch the iPhone 6 in September. That’s very plausible, since it’s on the same schedule that Apple currently releases iPhones. It’s the  size and resolution of the display that give us pause.

We know Apple is toying with the idea of larger screens, especially since Samsung and other competitors seem to be doing so well in the market. Now, Mac Fan says that Apple is working to add a 5-inch screen to the iPhone 6, complete with a full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution and a 440ppi. By comparison, the iPhone 5s has a 4-inch screen with a 1,136 x 640-pixel display, or 326ppi. Apple would need to provide developers with the appropriate tools to push their applications to the higher resolution, though that’s not entirely out of the question since Apple did so when it increased the iPhone screen size to 4-inches.

Apple’s probably already hard at work on the iPhone 6, these things take time, though we’re wary to believe rumors so early in the game.