A slew of recent reports have suggested Apple is gearing up to slap a sapphire screen on its next iPhone (presumably the iPhone 6), but a new rumor making the rounds suggests that sapphire will instead be used for the company’s first smartwatch, which is expected later this year.

Multiple reports out of China claim Apple is experimenting with a sapphire iPhone 6. The company may already have a working prototype, but that doesn’t mean the device will ever make it to mass production. So what’s holding Apple back? Apparently the technology would push the new iPhone’s price beyond the subsidized $200 that customers are comfortable with. Sapphire is expensive after all.

But even if the iPhone 6 offers the same glass display as its predecessor, all that sapphire won’t go to waste. The same Taiwanese supply chain sources claim Apple’s rumored iWatch will make use of the technology for its smaller 2-inch display. Sapphire will still offer the same benefits we were expecting on the iPhone, such as a super scratch resistant screen. The material is already used on plenty of wristwatches, so it’s not really a groundbreaking use-case in this scenario. Hopefully that doesn’t mean the smartwatch will come with an unreasonably price tag, though knowing Apple it’s unlikely the first iWatch will be cheap either way.