When Alex Kantor purchased an iPhone 6, he expected an unused, sealed in plastic device. He figured his new handset would be exactly like the millions of other iPhones sold over the past few weeks. Never did he expect to receive what he says is an iPhone 6 prototype, but that’s exactly what happened. How is this possible?

According to Kantor, the device was ordered through Verizon as per usual, but when it arrived, he noticed it was running in developer mode. Naturally, Kantor chose to capitalize on the gaff by putting the prototype on eBay, where bidding is nearing $100,000. Mind you, the bids could be bogus, but folks obviously seem quite interested in this rare piece of Apple history.

“I am an avid tech lover and I knew what this software was right away,” Kantor told CNET. “It is actually called SwitchBoard and is only for internal Apple testing. Also, there are no FCC makings on the rear of the device or model number. Also, there is a red charging port which is known on prototypes.”

Kantor claims that the device was sent directly to him by Verizon; no funny business. The phone doesn’t come with iOS 8, and it doesn’t seem to function as a normal device would, though iTunes does recognize it as an iPhone. Unless you really, really want to take a look at SwitchBoard in person, you probably have zero interest in this auction. But a lot of money is at stake!

Now that the auction is garnering so much attention, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple step in before it closes. It’s unclear how a prototype device got mixed in with handsets being sent out to consumers, but I’m sure Apple will want its property back before someone can profit off of it. For now, the auction still has 3 days to go, and with 184 bids and climbing, there’s no telling how high the eventual bid will be.