The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are just a few days away from launching, but it looks like getting your hands on Apple’s bigger 5.5-inch smartphone may not be so easy. We’re already seeing some delays hit iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders, and now even Apple’s own retail employees might have trouble reserving the device this Friday according to one leaked internal document that surfaced on Twitter.

The news comes from one Apple-focused anonymous Twitter account, though 9to5Mac claims it can verify that this is the real deal. Based on the document above, it looks like Apple Store employees who work the overnight or morning shift on iPhone launch day this Friday will be able to reserve one iPhone 6. There’s no mention of the iPhone 6 Plus, suggesting there might not be enough stock of the 5.5-inch handset to set aside any units for Apple Store employees.

It sounds like most Apple Store employees will be on their own when it comes to reserving an iPhone 6 Plus for themselves. Anyone not working those specified shifts will have to line up with everyone else or wait until the end of the day and hope there are some devices left over.

For the rest of us, it may be even tougher to get an iPhone 6 Plus this Friday. If you somehow managed to lock down a pre-order that ships this week you’re in luck. Otherwise your best bet is probably to line up at your local Apple Store right now or just sit back and wait a few more weeks for the new device.