There’s mass hysteria in Apple’s perfect utopia, with overseas reports claiming the company is this close to recalling the 128GB models of the iPhone 6 Plus. Apparently there’s a stability issue with the triple-level cell (TLC) NAND flash storage that’s being used which, if true, could warrant a recall on “all of the products that have been sold so far,” according to Business Korea.

However, a new 9to5Mac report, citing Apple sources, says Business Korea’s claims are simply “conjecture and inaccurate.” 9to5Mac notes that iPhone users experienced a similar issue as far back as iOS 6, which is to say the problem isn’t necessarily specific to the iPhone 6 Plus or even iOS 8. It’s unclear what specifically is causing devices to crash, though Apple is apparently “aware of the rare bug,” 9to5Mac said.

I think the bigger question is if Apple was aware that such a bug exists, and it’s been around for a few generations, why hasn’t a fix been implemented? The problem has apparently afflicted a small number of users since the new iPhones launched, and it sounds like it’s coincidence that iPhone 6 Plus users are more vocal about the issue.

In Apple’s support forums, many of the users who have reported issues seem to have an excessive amount of apps—we’re talking upwards of 500—which could be contributing to the random crashing. However, like Todd said in his report from earlier this morning, he has experienced the issue frequently, and he only has 100 apps or so. Mark, another TechnoBuffalo employee with a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, hasn’t had any issues whatsoever (he has around 80 apps, for what it’s worth).

In addition to reports surrounding a potential iPhone 6 Plus recall, many people have also accused Apple of quietly reinforcing the larger device to avoid bending. That claim has since been debunked by 9to5Mac’s sources, too. Apple has yet to release a statement about either issue, but considering how reliable 9to5Mac has been in the past, it doesn’t appear Apple has plans to recall its iPhone 6 Plus anytime soon.