Apple went from criticizing big phones to making two of its own. On the larger end is Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, which is for all intents and purposes Apple’s superphone. It comes with a 1080p screen, 8-megapixel camera with OIS and a much larger battery compared to the iPhone 6, which some people might find reason enough to choose Apple’s larger flagship.

Of course, much of the attention on the iPhone 6 Plus will focus on the device’s size. Yes, it’s definitely large, and significantly different from the iPhone 5s. But is that so weird in a market that’s filled with many Android devices of similar size? It’s certainly strange for iOS users, but many folks have requested Apple go larger for years, and their prayers have finally been answered.

In Apple’s ecosystem, the iPhone 6 Plus exists in the middle of the iPhone 5s and iPad mini in terms of size. The design, meanwhile, features more rounded edges, allowing the device to fit more snugly in your hand; it’s incredibly thin, too, and light, giving off the illusion that the iPhone 6 Plus is smaller than it actually is. Apple always offers quality designs, and this is no different.

The device has a premium feel not many other manufacturers can match, though we still aren’t too fond of those antenna bands on the back. We’re also not a fan of the protruding camera though, to be honest, it’s really not something you’ll notice. It does wobble a bit when set down on a table, but that’s definitely not something that should keep you from picking the iPhone 6 Plus up.

When zipping around the device, iOS (now up to iOS 8) certainly feels familiar, and it’s been tweaked slightly to accommodate the larger display. There’s a new feature called Reachability (also available in the iPhone 6) that moves the screen down so you can more easily use the device with one hand. Meanwhile, app like Mail and Messages will show more information when flipped to landscape mode, taking advantage of that extra real estate.

We’re still digging through the iPhone 6 Plus’s features, and will be formulating our thoughts more carefully over the next several days before a final review. We know that bigger doesn’t always equal better; we’ll see whether Apple’s decision to move up to a 5.5-inch display was worth the wait in future coverage. For now, check out the above video for our quick first impressions.