A woman in Hong Kong says her iPhone 6 Plus suddenly exploded while she was sleeping. The noise of the blast woke her to the burning iPhone, a news report out of China said Monday. The woman was not injured and reportedly put out the flames with her pillow.

The situation is worrisome primarily because the victim said her 128GB iPhone 6 Plus was charging using an Apple iPad charger, which officially supports the iPhone (I use one, for example.) These things do happen — mobile phone or tablet fires — but more often than not they're the result of faulty third-party equipment.

Monday's news report doesn't provide additional details on the condition of the phone before the incident; explosive events can also sometimes be caused by other issues, such as water damage to circuitry or overheating. It is a cause for concern, however, that a brand new iPhone 6 allegedly exploded just last month.

The victim intends to seek compensation from Apple, EJInsight said.