It’s that time of year again when parts that may be included in the next iPhone begin surfacing, offering us the first clues of what we can expect from Apple’s next flagship phone.

This latest leak comes from Letem svetem Applem, and it differs slightly from the previously leaked cables we saw. The volume buttons appear to be a bit further from the mute button, and the cables are laid out slightly differently. We’re not quite sure why the cables would be different except for possibly one being a different prototype, or potentially one from the rumored 5.5-inch iPhone Air. Either way, the cables are slightly changed.

The more interesting bit of information in this new leak however is what appears to be three SIM trays for the iPhone 6. Should these indeed be from the new handset they show the colors that Apple released for the iPhone 5s: Space Grey, Silver and Gold.

As with all leaked parts there is no way to confirm if these are the real deal until the phone is actually released and we can compare them against the final production model. But as with every year, expect more and more of these types of parts to continue showing up as anticipation for the new handset grows.